50 Cal Airsoft Sniper Rifles

The Barrett M82 series Airsoft sniper rifles, which is made in Tennessee by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc., is the most wildly used .50 caliber semi-auto sniper rifle in military / police units and also Airsoft competition. The shear power and accuracy of this Airsoft sniper rifle is incomparable. This 50 cal. Airsoft sniper rifle is also built like no other airsoft sniper rifle I’ve come across

There are only a few places that I know that sell these 50 cal Airsoft sniper rifles. I recommend checking out ShortyUSA.com, AirSplat.com and SpeedyToys.com. These are well known Airsoft sniper rifle sellers and I’ve bought most of my airsoft rifles from ShortyUSA, but I’ll have to say the Airsplat has the best customer service!

Barrett M82 Series 50 Cal Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Barrett M82 Series 50 Cal Airsoft Sniper Rifle

But back to talking about this awesome Airsoft 50 caliber sniper rifle from Barrett Firearms. The Barrett M82 is designed and built by VegaForce Company (VFC), a company who take high quality and high realistic airsoft manufacturing seriously, VFC is releasing Barrett M82A1 mid-term type for their first product of airsoft sniper rifle series. Most of parts are made by steel for better welding effect and durability of the airsoft sniper rifle.

However, barrel, muzzle brake, and bipod are made by aluminum for lightweight purpose so it’ll is ideal for an airsoft combat. This Barrett 50 cal airsoft sniper rifle has powder coating for outside appearance, which not makes it look realistic, but also more abrasive resistant. Features of M82A1 mid-term type is also faithful represented. Muzzle brake has same size and same production method of real one to presents the vigour of .50 caliber. Rubber carry handle, rubber recoil pad, flip-up front sight and 2400 yards rear sight, provides same operating feeling compares to real one. Six grooves barrel could be retracted manually to simulate short recoil barrel principal, plus decorate bolt carrier and cartridge case looking BB chamber, to make highest realistic effect as it could be. Combine with gas operated semi-auto system developing by VFC exclusively, to named the king of 50 cal airsoft sniper rifles.

As I mention earlier that I’ve only been able to find the 50 cal Airsoft sniper rifle available for purchase through Airsplat, HobbyTron and PyramydAir. Be sure to get you hands one of these babies and I have to say is the sweetest and most realistic baret 50 cal airsoft sniper rifle made to date!

On a side note, these 50 caliber sniper rifles aren’t cheap and will be extreme hard to find a low priced airsoft sniper rifle that’s a 50 caliber replica. I notice that most online airsoft store are sold out or on back order but always be on the look out for one of these amazing sniper rifles!

One of the common problems that people who engage in airsoft tactical games and those who are simply fond of playing airsoft rifles is selecting the best scope for your airsoft rifle.  This is something that an airsoft player should consider important as this would help you out in the field of airsoft.


In choosing a scope, you cannot just purchase and get any airsoft sniper rifle scope that is being sold at airsoft rifle shops or online airsoft rifle shops.  There are certain factors that you should consider.  Airsoft experts would normally give you advices and tell you that in choosing a scope for your airsoft sniper rifle, you should get a high-powered scope with magnification adjustment and illuminated cross hairs.


First thing that you should consider is to be able to select a scope that would fit and suit your airsoft sniper rifle.  You would have to admit that not all scopes would fit into your airsoft sniper rifle and thus, you would have to take this as your first priority in choosing a scope.  Aside from this, there are also airsoft sniper rifles that already have a built-in scope.  However, if you would like to modify the scope, you should check out available scope modifications that are original and made by the actual airsoft rifle manufacturer.  A certain example would be, if you’ve purchased an Airsoft GI sniper rifle, your modified scope should also be manufactured by the same company.  This is to prevent compatibility issues from happening.


Second thing that you may want to ask yourself, what particular magnification would you want for your scope.  Before we try to answer this question, let’s first dwell on how important a scope is for an airsoft sniper rifle.  A scope acts as an additional tool for your airsoft sniper rifle.  It allows you to see your enemies better.  A scope has magnification features that should be able to magnify your target so as to be able to aim and hit them better amidst the wide range and distance where you are positioned.


Your scope has a magnification power of 3 up to 9x position or range.  However, you would also need to check out the scope size.  This is based on the lens size and the maximum lens size would be 40mm.  This means that along with the magnification power of your scope, you need to select a lens that would best fit and suit your airsoft playing field.  The bigger the size of the lens, the better your scope becomes.  We also know that this would greatly affect how you would play in the airsoft battlefield.


If you’re going to purchase an airsoft sniper rifle, one of the most bought sniper rifle in online stores is the AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle Tactical L96 3x Optical Scope.  With its built-in 3x magnifying power and light filter, it allows you to see through your airsoft enemies without much of a problem.  Moreover, the magnifying power of the built-in scope allows you to see your enemies better.


Two other airsoft sniper rifles which you may want to check out are the following: Well MB05 G-22 AWM APS-2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ 3-9×40 Scope and the 500 FPS DE Metal Bolt Action L96 AWP Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle MK96 w/ 3-9×32 Zoom Scope.  These are just three of the most purchased airsoft sniper rifles with built-in scope.  You can choose among these three which would be best suited for your needs.

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